Fred joined Physio-Control, now part of Stryker, in 1993. As Director of Research, he leads a group that focuses on the science and technology of emergency care. Fred's research interests include resuscitation from cardiac arrest, transthoracic

Rose is the newest member of the Stryker Emergency Care Research Group having joined in 2022. She is exploring resuscitation science topics and conducts research on topics including defibrillation and blood pressure recovery.

Rob Walker is a Senior Principal Scientist in the Research Group at Stryker Emergency Care. He has worked at Stryker (formerly Physio-Control) for 25 years and is a leader in the field of resuscitation science. He directs experimental and clinical

Tyson is a Principal Research Scientist with Stryker Emergency Care who joined in 2014. He has a Ph.D in biomedical engineering specializing in biophysics and electrophysiology. His current research focuses on ECG algorithms, electrical therapy, and